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There are many challenges associated with patients requiring chest drainage. This 3 lesson course gives an introduction to the use of a digital chest drainage and monitoring system. It explains the risks associated with traditional drains, the key factors in implementing change in practice and ways to justify changing to a digital chest drainage system.   Presenter Ian Naldrett Associate Director of Nursing at North Middlesex University Hospital - Responsible for Surgery Anesthetics and Critical Care  (UK) Read more

This webinar explains how change was initiated by an ICU nurse and the experiences in a level 1 trauma center in Amsterdam. The two speakers start with their idea, how they gathered knowledge, took action and implemented the Thopaz+ digital chest drainage system. Additionally they share the challenges they overcame and their keys to success.   Presenters   Floris Brouwers Senior nurse trauma surgery, Amsterdam VUmc, the Netherlands   Indy Kelderman Researcher trauma surgery, Amsterdam VUmc, the Netherlands Read more

This video based course talks through step by step how to set up the Thopaz+ device, including tubing and canister connection. Ideally you should have the equipment in front of you to follow the steps or alternatively use the Thopaz+ Simulator App. This course is part of an educational package to enhance your knowledge and confidence using the Thopaz+ device. Read more

This 2-part course explains in simple terms the answers to the following questions: What are the advantages of regulated suction in a chest drainage system? How do analogue and digital chest drainage systems work? Read more

Willkommen zum online Kurs zu Thopaz+.  Dieser Schritt-für-Schritt Kurs unterstützt Sie in der Handhabung von Thopaz+.  Registrierte beruflich Pflegende erhalten einen Fortbildungspunkt (Identnummer 20091775). Read more

Willkommen im Kurs „Thoraxdrainage Management“, der sich ausführlich mit der Funktionsweise von Thoraxdrainagen und den verschiedenen Drainagesystemen befasst, die in Kombination mit Thoraxdrainagen zum Einsatz kommen. Registrierte beruflich Pflegende erhalten einen Fortbildungspunkt (Identnummer 20091775). Read more

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